About this web project

This web project is an effort to collect, record and publish the history of Jeanne d’Arc in hypermedia. This project is displayed for educational or research purposes, and enjoyment of others. Not only offer general readers an intriguing and authentic insight into a past age, but also provide artists, historians, students, and theater and film with a highly accurate source of reference material. The project is aimed at historical actuality, authenticity, factuality and focuses on the true value of knowledge claims about what really happened.

One of the motivations for the creation of jeanne-darc.info is the belief that historical information should not be locked away and viewed only by a privileged few, or those lucky enough to have access to a particular museum, but should be ‘virtually’ accessible to all via the internet.

Explicit goals are to provide accurate and balanced history with input from as many sources as possible and maximum access to the results worldwide.

Its founding principle is to work together in as open manner as possible in producing a definitive history and historical archive about Jeanne d’Arc.
This web project (jeanne-darc.info) is a continuation of the old (jeannedarc.dk) originally founded in 1997.


Thanks to everyone who helped and believed in the project from the beginning in 1997.

It would be impossible to mention every single person by name who has contributed significantly to this project, but you all know who you are.

Thank you to all who have contributed in this project with amazing photos and information over the years. Special thanks goes out to my beloved Mette Sofie Nilausen, my wonderful life partner.

And of course, a huge thanks to Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

“Thank you for your kind assistance”

About the creator:

Founder and web designer of this web project is Søren Bie born 1964.

I’m living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia. This web project is pure ‘labour of love’ and is tended by a dedicated history and art lover in my spare time.

Another project that I have also created that may have historical interest are my art project www.scriptorium.dk It focuses on specific pages and motifs from original medieval manuscripts that I have recreated and painted by hand.

There are also some unique historical motifs with Jeanne d’Arc available for purchase

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The information contained in this website is subject to change without notice.

Thank you for spending the time to read this page, and please enjoy your experience.

Søren Bie. 15-05-2023