1989Joan of Arc – Siege and the Sword / Jeanne d’ArcHistorically based war strategy and action game by Brøderbund for Amiga, ST and PC.
1992World Heroes seriesNeoGeo fighting game. The character Janne D’Arc, a beautiful French swordwoman with pyrokinetic powers, is very much inspired by Joan of Arc.
1995Soul EdgeFighting game released by Namco about a sword full of evil spirits. The character Sophitia Alexandra shares a similar story to Joan of Arc. Although they both eventually met and bonds each other in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
1999Age of Empires II: The Age of KingsThe central character in one of the major campaigns in which she is
depicted as a peasant at first but follows a historically driven plot
leading to her capture and death.
2000Perfect DarkNintendo 64 game. Whilst in no way is the game about Joan, the central character Joanna Dark’s name is a play on Jeanne d’Arc.
2001Civilization IIIThe Leader of France’s civilization is Joan of Arc.
2002La Pucelle: TacticsPlayStation game. The title is an allusion to Joan of Arc. Most of the character
and place names within the game are French, but the game scenario is
unrelated fantasy.
2004Wars and Warriors: Joan of ArcPC game, title character.
2006Age of Empires: The Age of KingsNintendo DS game major playable character.
2006Jeanne d’ArcPSP game, title character in a fantasy universe loosely based on the historical story.
2006, 2008Yggdra UnionGame Boy Advance/PSP game. Minor character Monica, a peasant girl
who receives divine inspiration and rises up to defend her country from
invasion, is based on Joan of Arc.
2007Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ WarPS3 game, Xbox 360 game, major character and leader of the French troops.
2008Atlantica OnlinePC MMORPG, Hero Mercenary, evolved form of “Lady Knight” Mercenary
2009 Dragon AgeAndraste, a messianic figure in the game world who is both a religious and military leader, is partially based upon Joan of Arc.
2009Assassin’s Creed IIPS3/Xbox 360/PC action game. It is revealed that she had the 25th Piece of Eden, the Sword, and the Templars burned her alive to gain possession of it.
2010BayonettaPS3/Xbox 360 game contains a character named Jeanne who acts as
Bayonetta’s rival. She also possesses some references to the real life
Joan of Arc, with her trademark red outfit being the product of the
fictional Italian fashion brand D’arc.
2011Deadliest Warrior: LegendsPS3/Xbox 360 game. Historical warriors engage in one-on-one fighting; Joan of Arc is playable through downloadable content.
2012Warriors Orochi 3PS3/Xbox 360 hack and slash game, Joan’s Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War incarnation appears as a special guest character and is involved in the plot to save the world from destruction. In Ultimate update game, this is where Joan and Sophitia met and shares their bonds each other.
2013Angel Master (エンジェルマスター, Enjeru Masutā)This iOS and Android card action game contains a character named Jeanne d’Arc (ジャンヌ・ダルク, Jan’nu Daruku), who is one of the game’s three main characters.
2015 Fate/Grand OrderAppears as a summonable servant in the Ruler, Avenger, Lancer, Archer, and Berseker classes. Also appears in the First Singularity: Hundred Years’ War of the First Dragons: Orleans as the main ally (In ruler class) of the player and the antagonist of the singularity, The Dragon Witch (Avenger), who was summoned by Caster (Gilles de Rais) using the Holy Grail.
2021 Age of Empires IVMicrosoft’s Age of Empires IV will be released in 28th October 2021, and the protagonist of the French campaign is still Jeanne d’Arc.
2021Ys IX: Monstrum NoxA central character in Monstrum Nox, Aprilis, is a clone of a character named Saint Rosavita whose life is a reference to Jeanne d’Arc, having been a young village girl who heard the word of God and joined the Ys equivalent of the French Army to fight as a leader in the One Hundred Years’ War.