In her own words

At Vaucoleurs

Asked about her mission she replied:
“…I was born for this.”

“Neverthaeless, before mid-Lent, I must be with the Dauphin, even if I have to wear my legs down to my knees!”

Asked who her Lord was, she replied:
“He is the King of Heaven!”

“For even if I had had a hundred fathers and mothers and were a king’s daughter, still would I go!”

Asked when she would like to leave:
“Today rather than tomorrow and tomorrow rather than later.”

Asked if she was afraid:
“I fear nothing for God is with me!”

At Chinon

Jeanne’s greeting to Charles at Chinon:

“Gentle Dauphin, my name is Jeanne la pucelle.
The King of Heaven has sent me to bring you and your kingdom help.”

At Poitiers

Asked by the priests why God needed soldiers:

“In the name of God! The soldiers will fight and God will give the victory!”

“In the name of God! I have not come to Poitiers to give signs but take me to Orleans and I shall show you signs for which I have been sent!
Asked what language her Voices spoke:

“They speak better French than you!”
Asked if she believe in God:

“Indeed, yes, better than you do!”
Jeanne reassured the Duke d’ Alençon’s wife, Thérèse, that her husband would not be killed or injured if he returned to the fight.

“I give you my solemn word that no harm will come to your beloved husband. Madame, have no fear! He shall indeed return to you. As well as he is now, or perhaps even better!”


At Orleans

In the assault on the English fortress of the Augustines

“In god’s name! Let us go bravely!”
In the assault on the bridge at Orleans

“Courage! Do not fall back; in a little the place will be yours. Watch! When the wind blows my banner against the bulwark, you shall take it”

Jeanne’s reprimand to Dunois, the Bastard of Orléans:
“In God’s name! The counsel of our Lord is wiser and safer than yours. You have thought to deceive me but it is you who are deceived. I bring you better help than has ever come to any general or town, for the help I bring comes from the King of Heaven!””Bastard! Bastard! In God’s name! I command you that as soon as you learn of Falstaff’s arrival that you will inform me. For if he passes by without my knowledge, I promise you that I shall have your head cut off!”

Jeanne’s reprimand to her page:
“Ah, you bloody boy, you did not tell me that the blood of France was being shed!””Ha! Never did I see French blood flow but my hair did not stand on end!””Gaucourt, you are indeed a wicked man to prevent these people from departing. Whether you will or no, they shall go out and will succeed just as well as they did the other day!”

Jeanne’s reply to the Captain’s request not to fight the next day:
“Go back to that council and tell them this! You have been to your council and I have been to mine. Now, believe me when I say that the Counsel of God will be accomplished and succeed and that yours will fail!”

Jeanne’s refusal to use a charm to heal her wound:
“No friend, I cannot. I would rather die than do a thing which I know to be a sin.”

Jeanne encouraging her troops:
“Be not afraid! The English will have no more power over you.”

Jeanne request for surrender to the English commander Glasdale:
“Classidas! Classidas! Yield, yield to the King of Heaven! You called me harlot, but I have great pity on your soul and for the souls of your men.”


At Loches

“I shall last a year and a little more.”

” ‘Daughter of God, go on, go on, go on! I will be your help. Go on!’ When I hear this voice, I feel such great joy that I wish I could always hear it!”


Before the battle of Patay

Jeanne encouraging her troops:

“In God’s name, we must fight them! Even if the English hang from the clouds, yet we shall have them! For God sends us to punish them. Today the gentle Dauphin will have the greatest victory he has won for a long time! My Voices have told me that the enemy will be ours.”


At the town of Troyes

Jeanne addresses Brother Richard

“Take heart and come on! I will not fly away.”


At the town of Chalons

Jeanne speaking to a friend from Domremy:

“I fear nothing, except treason.”


At the town of Bourges

Jeanne speaking to Madame Touroulde:

“You touch them!” (meaning the religious items that some people brought for Jeanne to bless by her touch) “Your touch will do them as much good as mine.”


Before the walls of Saint Pirre-Les-Moutiers

Jeanne addressing to her squire:

“I am not alone! I have fifty thousand of my own company to fight with me!”


At Compiegne

“By my staff! We are enough!
I shall go to see my good friends in Compiegne!”


Reply to the Count of Luxembourg

The Count tried to tempt Jeanne with an offer of freedom.

“In God’s name, Count, you mock me! Ransom? How you jest. You have neither the will nor the power to do so! “

“I know well that these English will put me to death, because they think that after I’m dead, they will win the Kingdom of France. But even if there were hundred thousand more Godons than there are now, still they will never have the Kingdom!”


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