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An authentic portrait of Jeanne d’Arc does not exist

Jeanne d’Arc has inspired artistic and cultural works for nearly six centuries. The following page cover items of historic interest, enduring works of high art, and recent representations in popular culture. No complete list of artistic works about her exists, although a 1989 doctoral dissertation did identify all relevant films including ones for which no copy survives. Portrayals of Jeanne d’Arc are numerous. For example, in 1979 the Bibliothèque Municipale in Rouen, France held a gallery containing over 500 images and other items related to Jeanne d’Arc.

The only known contemporary portrait of Jeanne d’Arc

This fascinating plain, small line drawing shows her as a small determined woman carrying her army’s sacred banner in one hand and a sword in the other.

The drawing was made in the margin of the Orleans city record manuscripts on the day she got the English armies away from the city and freed the countryside around Orleans May 10. 1429. It’s the only known contemporary portrait of Jeanne d’Arc.

Drawing by Clément de Fauquembergue, the secretary of the Palement of Paris. The artist had never seen Jeanne. It is known that she sat for a portrait, but it did not survive, so no exact image of her exists.

Registre du parlement de Paris. Page 24 – Archives Nationales. The only known contemporary portrait of Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc has inspired artistic and cultural works for six centuries. The following lists cover some works of high art, and recent representations in popular culture. Lesser known works, particularly from early periods, are not included.

10 May 1429untitledClément de FauquembergueSketch in the margin of the register of the Parlement of Paris by
Clément de Fauquembergue, 1429, drawn on the day that news arrived in
Paris of the French victory at Orléans. Though Fauquembergue never saw
her in person, this is the only extant depiction from her lifetime.
c. 1450Le Champion des DamesMartin LefrancMiniature portrait in an illustrated manuscript in an anachronistic
Biblical setting, with long hair, wearing armor and a long robe.
c. 1460Chronique de Charles VIIJean ChartierMiniature portrait in an illustrated manuscript, similar portrayal to Le Champion des Dames.
1484Vigiles du Roi Charles VII ?Miniature portrait in an illuminated manuscript, similar portrayal to Le Champion des Dames.
1493untitledMartial d’Auvergne1490s Depiction of the Siege of Orleans of 1429.
15th centuryuntitled ?Miniature from Vigiles du roi Charles VII. Joan of Arc and Charles VII, king of France.
15th centuryuntitled ?Miniature from Vigiles du roi Charles VII. The assault on Paris.
15th centuryuntitled ?Miniature from Vigiles du roi Charles VII. Jeanne is driven in front of her judges. Jeanne arrive à Chinon.
15th centuryuntitled ?Miniature from Vigiles du roi Charles VII. Jeanne being tied up.
15th centuryuntitled ?Miniature from Vigiles du roi Charles VII. The citizens of Troyes hand over city keys to the Dauphin and Joan of Arc.
15th centuryuntitled ?Miniature from Vigiles du roi Charles VII. Jeanne hunts prostitutes in the army
late 15th centuryuntitled ?Hermitage of Notre-Dame de Bermont, FranceFresco of two young women: one a peasant girl at prayer, the other
dressed in male attire: possible depictions of Joan of Arc rediscovered
underneath a later work. Joan of Arc was known to pray often at the
late 15th centuryJoan of Ark ?Hermitage of Notre-Dame de Bermont, FranceThe young girl is kneeling, doubtless in a chateau, because the
ground is not the beaten earth of the houses of the era but a green and
black tile-flooring. She is dressed in grey, with high hose, an attire
of a man. Thence to think that it has to do with the departure from
Vaucouleurs or arrival at Chinon, there is not but to take a step; to
prove it is another thing.
1505untitled ?Joan of Arc depicted on horseback in an illustration from a 1505 manuscript
1557Portrait of the Town Council of Orléans ?Joan of Arc wears a robe with slashed sleeves and a plume (symbolic
of victory in war) and holds a sword. This became a model for many later
1620Joan of Arc at PrayerPeter Paul RubensNorth Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC
1819Jeanne d’Arc prisonnière à Rouen (Jeanne d’Arc prisoner to Rouen)Pierre RévoilMusée des Beaux-Arts de Rouenoil on canvas, Height: 137 cm (53.9 in). Width: 174.5 cm (68.7 in).
1824Jeanne d’Arc interrogated in prison by the cardinal of WinchesterPaul DelarocheMusée des Beaux-Arts, Rouenoil on canvas 277 x 217 cm
1830The Painter’s studioJosef DanhauserMuseum of Fine Arts, Budapest
1833Jeanne d’Arc, in the presence of Charles VII, answers questions from churchmen about her visions and revelationsGillot Saint-ÈvreLouvre, Paris170 x 140 cm
before 1843Jeanne d’ArcRaymond MonvoisinCollection of the Palacio Vergara de Viña del Maroil on canvas, 142 × 101 cm (55.9 × 39.8 in)
1843Joan of Arc’s Death at the StakeHermann Anton StilkeHermitage Museum, Saint Petersburgoil on canvas 119.5 × 83.5 cm (47 × 32.9 in)
1843Appearance of Sts. Catherine and Michael to Joan of ArcHermann Anton StilkeHermitage Museum, Saint Petersburgoil on canvas, 119.5 × 83.5 cm (47 × 32.9 in)
1843Joan of Arc in BattleHermann Anton StilkeHermitage Museum, Saint Petersburgoil on canvas, 135 × 146 cm (53.1 × 57.5 in)
1843Entry of Jeanne d’Arc at Orléans, May 8, 1429Henry SchefferPalace of Versailles (Galerie des Batailles), Versaillesoil on canvas, Height: 425 cm (167.3 in). Width: 483 cm (190.2 in)
1847-1852Capture of Jeanne d’ArcAdolphe DillensHermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg52.5 × 72 cm (20.7 × 28.3 in)
1852 ?August Gustav LasinskyJohanna von Orléans in der Schlacht (Joan of Arc in battle), oil on canvas, 76,5 x 107,5 cm.
1854Jeanne at the coronation of Charles VIIJean Auguste Dominique IngresMusee du Louvre, Parisoil on canvas, Height: 240 cm (94.5 in). Width: 178 cm (70.1 in)
ca. 1859 ?Léon-François BénouvilleMusée des Beaux-Arts de RouenJeanne d’Arc écoutant ses voix (Joan of Arc listening to voices)
1863Joan of Arc Kissing the Sword of DelivranceDante Gabriel RossettiStrasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourgoil on canvas, 61.2 × 53.2 cm (24.1 × 20.9 in)
1864 ?Stanisław ChlebowskiMusée Barrois (Bar-le-Duc), FranceJeanne d’Arc prisoner of the English
1864Joan of ArcDante Gabriel Rossettiprivate collectionwatercolor and bodycolour over pencil, 31 × 30 cm (12.2 × 11.8 in)
1865Joan of Arc at PrayerJohn Everett MillaisPrivate collection
c. 1870Jeanne d’Arc arriving at OrléansJean-Jacques ScherrerMusée Jeanne-d’Arc, Rouen
1876Jeanne d’Arc écoutant les voix (Joan of Arc’s awe upon receiving a vision from the Archangel Michael)Eugène ThirionVille de Chatou, église Notre-Dameoil on canvas
1879Jeanne d’ArcJules Bastien-LepageMetropolitan Museum of Art, New Yorkoil on canvas 100″ x 110″
1880Joan captured by the Burgundians at CompiègneGiraudonPanthéon, Parismural
1884Joan of Arc listening for the first time to the voices that predict her prominent fatePedro AméricoMuseu Nacional de Belas Artes, Rio de Janeirooil on canvas, 229 × 156 cm (90.2 × 61.4 in)
1886Jeanne in adoration before the VirginEugène Grandin, based on a work by MometMehun-sur-Yèvre
1886The Maid of Orléans, entrance of Joan of Arc into Reims in 1429Jan Matejko
1889Joan of Arc, or Breton girl spinningPaul GauguinVan Gogh Museum, AmsterdamFresco in wooden support, 134 × 62.9 cm (52.8 × 24.8 in)
1880–1890Jeanne d’Arc hears her voicesEugène CarrièreMusée d’Orsay, Paris
1886–1890Jeanne d’Arc, shepherdessJules-Eugène LenepveuPanthéon, Paris
1886–1890Jeanne d’Arc in armor before OrléansJules-Eugène LenepveuPanthéon, Paris
1886–1890Jeanne d’Arc in Rheims at the time of king Charles VII’s coronationJules-Eugène LenepveuPanthéon, Paris
1886–1890Jeanne at the stakeJules-Eugène LenepveuPanthéon, Paris
1895 ?George William JoySleeping Joan of Arc (Joan of Arc on her way to Reims)
19th centuryuntitledWilliam EttyJeanne d’Arc à la sortie d’Orléans, repoussant les Anglais (Joan of Arc at the exit of Orleans, pushing the English away).
19th centuryJeanne d’Arc + 1431 ?Musée Louis-Philippe, Eu, Seine-Maritimeoil on canvas, 124.5 × 89 cm (49 × 35 in)
ca. 19th centuryuntitled ?Joan of Arc, burning at the stake
ca. 19th/20th century ?François ChifflartJeanne d´Arc. Oil on canvas, 75 x 60 cm.
late 19th centuryJoan of Arc kneeling before angelHenryk Siemiradzki
ca. 1901 ?François ChifflartJeanne d’Arc. Oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm.
1903 ?Albert Lynchengraving from Figaro Illustre magazine
1907 ?Craig FranckJoan of Arc
1909 ?Paul de La BoulayeSainte Jeanne d’Arc, oil on canvas
before 1911Joan of Arc in PrisonHoward Pyleprivate collectionoil on canvas
1912untitledAndrew C.P. HaggardPortrait of Joan of Arc
1912 ?Roger de La FresnayeMusée d’art moderne de Troyes, TroyesJeanne d’Arc
 ? (19th century)The departure of Jeanne d’ArcJean-Jacques ScherrerMusée Jeanne-d’Arc, Vaucouleursoil on canvas 430 x 320 cm
 ?St. JoanJohn William Waterhouse (1849-1917)private collectionoil on canvas, 48 × 55 cm (18.9 × 21.7 in)
 ?Joan of ArcCharles-Amable Lenoir (1860-1926)private collection
 ?Jeanne d’ArcGaston Bussière
 ?Joan of ArcGari Melchers (1860-1932)Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolisoil on canvas, 30 × 23 in (76.2 × 58.4 cm)
before 1933 ?Annie SwynnertonJoan of Arc
 ?Joan of Arc at VaucouleursC. R. WalterMusée Jeanne-d’Arc, Chinon
 ?Joan of ArcHarold H. PiffardPublic collectionoil on canvas, 91.5 × 72.2 cm (36 × 28.4 in)