Chronicles & Testimonies

The well-preserved and unique extraordinary sources for Jeanne d’Arc’s story come from her two lawsuits, the condemnation and the rehabilitation process. It is from these interrogations and inquiries we chiefly know of her own words.

Fortunately, there are also other works with descriptions written in her time. Various chroniclers and writers wrote about her. They are all very interesting to know, to get a complete picture of her story.

In addition to these extraordinary testimonies from the trials, they have written other lesser-known documents about Jeanne d’Arc, such as letters, texts, memoirs, consultations, poems, and so on.

These chroniclers and writers, who were either French, Anglo-Burgundian or foreign, have left us with a differently nuanced picture of Jeanne. Some of their works still exist, where some can be experienced here.

On this page you can find some of these texts, all of which relate to Jeanne d’Arc. Some chronicles can be experienced in their entirety, in order to better understand the history and the context of the time.

Not all chronicles or texts originally written in Latin or Old French have been translated yet.