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This web project is a effort to record and publish the history of Jeanne d’Arc in hypermedia and networking. Not only offer general readers an intriguing and authentic insight into a past age, but also provide artists, historians, students, and theater and film with a highly accurate source of reference material. This project is displayed for educational or research purposes, and enjoyment of others. It’s a non-religious & non-political site aimed at bringing the story of Jeanne d’Arc story to a wider audience.

One of the motivations for the creation of is the belief that historical information should not be locked away and viewed only by a privileged few, or those lucky enough to have access to a particular museum, but should be ‘virtually’ accessible to all via the internet.

Explicit goals are to provide accurate and balanced history with input from as many sources as possible and maximum access to the results worldwide.

Its founding principle is to work together in as open manner as possible in producing a definitive history and historical archive about Jeanne d’Arc.
This web project ( is a continuation of the old ( originally founded in 1997.

Copyrights and Disclaimer

The site is copy-permitted
This web site is partly build from various sources, with help from all over the world so privacy and publicity rights may apply, then it will indicate the source if applicable. As far as is known, the documents and works created to this project are not eligible for copyright protection, so the site is copy-permitted. However, if you do reduplicate the documents, please indicate the source. [Retrieved from]

Many of the paintings displayed on this site are in private collections, or their current location is unknown. All picture files herein retain their original/current copyrights which are held by their respective owners. These pictures are for personal use only and may not be used in any commercial application.

This web project is an online open-content history encyclopaedia, that is, a voluntary association of individuals and groups who are developing a common resource of human knowledge. Its structure allows anyone with an Internet connection and World Wide Web browser to alter the content found here.

Therefore, please be advised that nothing found here has necessarily been reviewed by professionals with the expertise necessary to provide you with complete, accurate or reliable information.

That’s not to say that you won’t find valuable and accurate information here, however please be advised that this web project cannot guarantee, in any way whatsoever, the validity of the information found here.


If the current location of a picture is known, the owning institution (eg museum, art gallery, private foundation) is named along with a link to the institution’s website, if applicable. In no way does this project or any affiliated parties claim ownership of the art exhibited. Copyrights for all photographs remain with the respective photographers.

Commercial Use
Use of any documents from this project is for informational and non-commercial use only. No permission is granted for commercial use in any way whatsoever.

Trademark notice
Any of the trademarks, service marks, collective marks, design rights, personality rights or similar rights that are mentioned, used or cited in the articles at this web project are the property of their respective owners.

Sources & Research

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Most images and illustrations was found, auction catalogs, and kindly contributions from users with own collections of Jeanne d’Arc art. Wikimedia Commons by the Archives Nationales as part of a cooperation project with Wikimédia France.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who have made this web project?

Founder and web designer of the web project is Søren Bie, living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark in Scandinavia. The project is pure ‘labour of love’ and is tended by a dedicated history and art lover in my spare time. More info about me? Then visit my personally website. (Note: the website is only written in the Danish language)

Where is the name JOAN OF ARC?

In the management of proper names I may not hope to have succeeded better than other authors who have written of the history of one country in the language of another. In this matter it is hard to formulate a principle, and impossible to live up to it when formulated without falling into absurdity. For instance, I find it impossible to write of the great ally of the English except as “Philip, duke of Burgundy;” and, if I am to do so, I do not see how I can write of Jeanne’s father as “Jacques d’Arc,” or of the favorite of Charles VII. as “Georges de la Trémoille.” In the fifteenth century, the particle “de” in “de Bourgogne,” “d’Arc,” and “de la Trémoille” meant, so far as I can perceive, the same thing. I acknowledge, however, that “James of Arc” is an awkward locution, and in the notes, at any rate, I have sometimes left a French name untranslated.

“I will retain her natural and beautiful name. To translate it into Joan seems quite unnecessary ”
(Mrs. Oliphan)


Any articles, essays, pictures, texts, books etc. are welcome. It must be as historically accurate as possible, but secular perspective or a philosophy, is also welcomed. Photographs to accompany your article are encouraged, as well as illustrations or drawings. Please include an optional short paragraph about the conditions or situation where a picture was taken I may have to crop or resize your image to properly fit it into main page and design. Please do not send copyright material unless you are the author. I reserves the right to not post unsuitable subjects.

Technical problems & feedback?

Please report broken links or type mistakes in this site. The site require internet connection to function properly. Some have experienced problems due to slow connections or heavy graphics on this site. Should this occur, try clean your browsers cache, or refresh the page.

Educational use?

If you are planning to use this web project in your classroom teaching, please do so in compliance with the restrictions noted above, with the understanding that this is for classroom use only. [Read more here]

When was web project started and published for the first time?

The project started in 1997 and got its own website there, but opened the first official August 1, 2000. Since then, the web project expanded with many initiatives and enhancements.

Citing the website in general

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Is this web project dedicated to someone?

Yes! – Historians, students, artists, writers and everybody with a passion and devotion for Jeanne d’Arc.


It would be impossible to mention every single person by name who has contributed significantly to this project, but you all know who you are. Also a special thanks to all the users that have supplied the project with amazing photos over the years. “Thanks to everyone who helped and believed in the project from the beginning.”

And of course a huge thanks to Bibliothèque Nationale de France.
“Thank you for your kind assistance”

Special thanks goes out to my beloved Mette, my wonderful life partner.

About the creator:

Founder and web designer of the web project is Søren Bie, living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia. This web project is pure ‘labour of love’ and is tended by a dedicated history and art lover in my spare time. For more information about me, visit my website. (note: The site is only available in Danish)

The information contained in this website is subject to change without notice.
Thank you for spending the time to read this page, and please enjoy your experience.

Søren Bie. 15 January 2019